Hide shipping on cart

To simplify the shopping cart by removing the shipping line entirely, use this code.

Hide ‘read more’ buttons for out of stock items

Products that are out of stock still invite customers to read more. It is not clear the product is unavailable until the visitor have viewed the individual product page. This code hides the “read more” button when a product is out of stock.

Hide product count on category display pages

When the category display pages have been set to show subcategories (rather than all products), the sub-category headings include the number of items in that category. This code hides that¬†product count.  

Remove product links for

In a very simple shop you may not be using the individual product pages at all. This code removes the links to the product pages that are normally added on the cart view.  

Remove fields in the checkout process

The following code snippet will remove unnecessary fields in the checkout process. This can be useful if you are selling downloadable products where an address is unnecessary. Delete any lines from the code for the fields that you would like to remain on the checkout page (the email line should definitely be deleted from the … Read moreRemove fields in the checkout process

Remove ordering dropdown box from category page

If you only have a few products on each category page, the ordering dropdown box can be removed to give a less cluttered look. You can set the default ordering with the order by date, price or title code snippet.