Taxonomies and Post Types

Two major building blocks in your CMS environment are taxonomies and post types.

  • Taxonomy. A grouping of post types, such as categories and tags.
  • Post types.  With post types, there is a distinction in different content types. For example, by default you will have different post types for “posts”, “pages”, “media”, etc.

SC Commerce creates a few new posts types and a couple of taxonomies to group those post types.

The following post types and taxonomies are installed — the first levels are post types, and the second levels are taxonomies for their top-level post type.

  • Product: product- Product categories: product_cat
  • Product tags: product_tag
  • Product variation: product_variation (these are hidden from the UI)
  • Product visibility: product_visibility
  • Shop order: shop_order- Order statuses: shop_order_status
  • Order refunds: shop_order_refund
  • Shop coupon: shop_coupon
  • Shop webhook: shop_webhook