SC Bootstrap 4 Theme

Child theme for Bootstrap4 with product templates.


Create a folder in themes called sc-bootstrap4 and copy in the files.

This theme must be used with Bootstrap4 installed as a theme in Grav. It also needs a lightbox plugin and is currently configured to use the Featherlight plugin (make sure gallery is enabled in the settings). It also works well with the Grav premium lightbox plugin, which has the advantage of including a zoom function and captions.

Products should be arranged into groups or categories, with the parent page acting as the list page and child pages for the individual products. For example you might have a parent page of "Cars" with child pages called "Volvo", "BMW", "Mercedes", etc. This is best suited to a simple tree structure where products can easily be grouped into one category. For the main page use the product_list template. The child product pages should use the product template. There is a blueprint file that adds two extra fields for the products - short description and price. If these are left empty nothing is displayed.

The product list page shows a summary of all the products that you have set as child pages.


Clicking on the image, title or "read more" link will take you to the specific product page.


The first image in the media section is used as the featured image. Other images are shown as thumbnails below the main image. Clicking on either the main image or thumbnails opens a lightbox to view all images. If no images have been added then a default placeholder is used (this can be found in the theme images folder).